Creating a double slide holder


A couple of years ago I knew a lanternist who did have a problem changing panorama slides at a magic lantern performance

She had beautiful 8 cm slides in double glass, and ones framed in wood.
But she liked to use both slides, alternating them, to create a nice fluent telling story.
But to change the slide carriers between the different thickness's, costs time, which can cause a bit of irritation due to the intermission, and so disrupts an otherwise fluent show.

I decided to spend some time on this matter, and on the drawing table (my head), I created a design of a carrier
who could hold both lantern slides simultaneously.
Unfortunately there was a shortage of time due to a show planned, only a week afterwards in where those plates were needed.

Due to many years of fixing and mending, I had a wide variety of paraphernalia in stock
After the design was made, a thin piece of straight flat-wood, hook line aluminium, felt, screws, glue and some lath were found quickly, so the job could be started

The rest speaks for itself, see the photo's. 
It still works fantastic and to full satisfaction.










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