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       By accident, at the Deventer bookmarket, I found a box full of magic lantern slides all of different sizes.
       Included also, a box of 12 carton slides, each with 5 old 35mm film frames with a dimension of 20 X 5 cm each.

       On the carton lid is written D.R.G.M with the number 705280, "Deutsche Reich Gebraumeister" and is a design or use
       patent somewhat similar a "Registered" mark that provides an initial three years protection extendable for
       another three years to six maximum.
       These were first issued starting in 1891 and were discontinued after WWII.

       For what purpose these slides were made, remains unknown to me.
       A wild guess might be as a commercial for new or existing films. (usually 30 meter reels) to be projected in a magic lantern.

       I sure find this a very unusual article, and I will apreciate it if somebody can supply me with any information with regard to this.

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